"One might doubt.." silver ring with rose plexiglass · АMBIGERES RAPERENTE.. ·


Sterling silver ring with rose plexiglass and engraved inscription in Latin

Аmbigeres raperetne rosis Aurora ruborem
An daret et flores tingeret orta dies. /

One might doubt whether Aurora steals blushes from the rose,
or dayrise donates its colours to these flowers.
(Ausonius, "Roses") /

Тут и не знаешь, - берет ли румянец у розы Аврора
Или дарует его, крася румянцем цветы.
(Авсоний “Розы”)

Ready ring size: 18,3
Materials: sterling silver, rose plexiglass

Please advise ring size on order in the column "Note or instruction".

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