"A daughter more beautiful.." silver rings with pearls · MATRE PULCHRA FILIA PULCHIOR ·


Sterling silver rings with pearls and inscription in Latin around the rings.

Possible inscriptions:

MATRE PULCHRA FILIA PULCHIOR / a daughter more beautiful than her beautiful mother (Horace "Odes") / skaistai mātei vēl skaistāka meita (Horācijs, "Odas") / прекрасной матери прекраснейшая дочь (Гораций, "Оды")

FILIAE PULCHRAE MATER PULCHRIOR / a mother more beautiful than her daughter / skaistai meitai vēl skaistāka māte / прекрасной дочери прекраснейшая мать

Material: sterling silver
Stone: pearls

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