silver MAXI ring with inscription in Latin


Sterling silver MAXI ring with inscription in Latin.

Material: sterling silver
Width: 8 mm

Possible inscriptions:
HOC ERGO COGITA, HUNC ESSE SAPIENTIAE EFFECTUM, GAUDII AEQUALITATEM you may look for a still greater joy when you have laid aside the mind of boyhood and when wisdom has enrolled you among men
CORRIGE PRAETERTUM, PRAESENS REGE, CERNE FUTURUM correct the past, direct the present, detect the future
PICTORIBUS ATQUE POETIS QUIDLIBET AUDENDI SEMPER FUIT AEQUA POTESTAS painters and poets have always had license to dare anything
ALTISSIMA QUAEQUE FLUMINA MINIMO SONO LABUNTUR the deepest rivers have the gentlest flow
AMICITIA VERA EST PRAECLARA, ET OMNIA PRAECLARA RARA true friendship is splendid and all splendid (things) are rare
CANTICA GIGNIT AMOR, ET AMOREM CANTICA GIGNUNT love beget songs and songs beget love
moon lights his path ; the stars show forth the rough places

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