silver hexagon ring with inscription in Latin


Polished sterling silver hexagon ring with inscription in Latin.

Width 5.5 mm

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Possible other inscriptions:
OMNIA TRANSEUNT, ET ID ETIAM TRANSEAT everything passes and this will pass (King Solomon’s ring)
IGNIS AER AQUA ARBOR TERRA METALLUM fire, air, water, wood, earth, metal
IN VINO VERITAS, IN AQUA SANITAS in wine there is truth, in water there is health
SURGE ET POSCENTIS IUSTA PRECARE DEOS arise, and pay to the gods that demand thy worship their due tribute of prayer
TOTOQUE ABHINC ORBE TOTOQUE ABHINC TEMPORE across the entire world and for all ages to come
AMICUS COGNOSCITUR AMORE, MORE, ORE, RE you can recognize a true friend from affection, behaviour, words and deeds
IN SOLIS TU MIHI TURBA LOCIS you are my light on the darkest night, you are my company in lonely places
OMNIA SPONTE FLUANT ABSIT VIOLENTIA REBUS let all things flow freely, let there be no violence
FORTITER IN RE, SUAVITER IN MODO gently in manner, firmly in action
QUOCUMQUE LOCO ET OMNI TEMPORE TECUM being with you always and everywhere
ALTISSIMA QUAEQUE FLUMINA MINIMO SONO LABUNTUR the deepest rivers have the gentlest flow
NOVOS AMICOS DUM PARAS, VETERES COLE while you seek new friendships, take care to cultivate the old ones (Hermes)

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