"The shadow of the.." plain silver ring with inscription · ТЕНЬ ОТ ЛЬВИНОГО.. ·


Collection from jewelry designer ANNA FANIGINA, where quotes from prose and poetry in french, english, russian, italian and spanish languages about this city appears on classic brand VERBA designs. Appreciation for help and inspiration in creating this collection goes to Marcel Proust, Иван Бунин, Paul Morand, Николай Гумилев, Thomas Mann, Иосиф Бродский, Henry Wadsworth, Анна Ахматова, Lord Byron, Jorge Luis Borges and to many more.

ТЕНЬ ОТ ЛЬВИНОГО КРЫЛА / the shadow of the lion’s wing  (Федор Тютчев, “Венеция” / Fyodor Tyutchev, “Venice”, 1913)

Material: sterling silver
Width :5 mm

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VENEZIA collection

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